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Written by Rachel Shubin   
Gymboree News & Gossip Column

Published by Rachel Shubin
August 22nd, 2007

With the ever-delightful friend known as morning sickness happily staying for an extended visit, I’ve spent much more time on the couch than I typically do (all day vs. no day). The children, meanwhile, have been doing massive amounts of chores that I have codified into lists for each of the older three.

This has several advantages (for me).

1) They get to clean up the gigantic piles of toys, laundry, crayons, sippy cups, stale bread, etc. that they relocate from their original habitats to the far reaches of the house. The clean their rooms every morning (and every morning they are disasters and need it) and tidy the rest of the house every afternoon and evening, by which time it invariably needs tidying again.

2) They get to learn the fine art of correct dishwasher loading (and unloading).

3) Since they wipe the bathrooms down every morning, said areas never get to slimy.

4) The clean, folded laundry that they stuff back into their hampers still folded at least was arranged and taken up to their rooms by them and not me.

5) Spending half the day doing chores keeps them busy so I don’t have to listen to them fighting and coming up with new and more creative ways to torture one another as often.

6) By the time they’re done with their chores (that I don’t have to remind them 5,397 times to do since it’s all written down on the papers that they only lose fourteen times a day), they’re so tired of working that they usually go find some nice way to play together for awhile. Also, they’re too scared to come near me to ask four times each if they can watch a movie.

Hehe. I feel evil yet remarkably clever! Plus the evilness is somewhat mitigated by the feeling that it’s good for them to actually take care of their own stuff and the vague feeling that a whole bunch of old anecdotal George Washington Cherry Tree type of stories probably support this and aren’t prehistoric anecdotes good things to base your parenting decisions on anyway?

So last week after they finally completed their massive chore list, they decided to celebrate by “partying ’til we’re purple” and then discussed the many ways that they could accomplish this. Oddly, most of them involved massive bruising instead of the more obvious markers and were thus ultimately rejected.

Next on the agenda was music choice, since clearly a party upstairs in your little sister’s bedroom requires appropriate music. Also, since I made them bring the card table back downstairs that was going to hold the drinks that I wouldn’t let them have on the carpet, boogieing was the only remaining component of the party.

Georgie went upstairs to look through George’s CD stash, and soon came back out to holler in his usual overly loud voice, “Mom, where’s the Queen CD?” The Queen CD? Yes, this is my eight year old son blithely requesting music from the ’70’s rock opera band that brought the world “We Will Rock You,” “We Are the Champions,” and “Bohemian Rhapsody” along with many other songs that you would undoubtedly recognize. Thank you, my dear husband, for introducing them to “culture”…..

Well, they couldn’t find the Queen CD so then they started looking for the crazy pirate music CD that their Auntie Masha gave them (songs on it like “Scurvy” and “Nelly the Elephant”). Since that CD had also escaped, they started looking for Jamie Soles, which is very mild, folk-song-y, Christian kids music. Hmmm, let’s see… Queen or Jamie Soles. Hahahaha.

They finally settled upstairs with the soundtrack to PeeWee’s Great Adventure, which is frenetic score by Danny Elfman. I spent the next half an hour wondering if the ceiling was going to come crashing down due to five children jumping around “dancing” upstairs, but it didn’t sound like any purpling was occurring and the couch I was on wasn’t directly beneath the ceiling so I was just thankful that they were happy and out of my hair.

Today after lunch I told them they could go upstairs and watch a movie in my room (so I could take a nap downstairs, thus positioning myself between them and the front door lest anyone try to escape or burglars try to waltz in and steal our peanut-butter encrusted possessions).

Naturally this was the universal signal for a large fight over whose turn it was to pick a movie. Georgie decided that since Anika stole his turn last week (because he was in his room crying over being forced to do the horror known as “borrowing” in multiple-digit subtraction), today was going to be his turn. However, he also unwisely told Trinity that if she drew a picture of herself catching Lex Luthor, they would watch Superman which was what she wanted to do.

So she’s upstairs drawing herself and Lex, and from all the way downstairs I can hear Georgie’s brain looking for an escape clause.

“I know, let’s have a bravery test, girls,” he tells them upstairs in my bedroom.

Hmmm, a bravery test. This sounds to me like he’s come up with some new and clever way to get them to volunteer for torture so that they can then earn the “prize” of getting to watch the movie he wants to watch.

“Georgie…” I holler at him up the stairwell. He comes out looking innocent. “No bravery test.”

“But Mom, I wanted to watch The Mummy.” Hehe. Two points for me. Helps being an expert in Early Childhood Manipulation.

ME: “You promised Trinity you would watch Superman if she drew that picture.”

GEORGIE: “But I don’t want to watch Superman.”

{insert further arguing dialogue here}

ME: “Too bad. A deal’s a deal. Now you forfeit your turn and it goes back to being Ani’s turn."

GEORGIE: “WHAT!!! That makes no sense at all.”

ME: “You expect everyone else to keep their bargains as long as they benefit you, but you don’t want to keep yours when it means giving someone else what you promised them.”


No argument to that, which of course translates to “shoot! She’s reading my mind again!” And Mom wins once more!

The girls ended up watching PeeWee’s Great Adventure (hmm, bit of a theme this week, I guess), which Georgie watched most of except for the scary part when Large Marge turns into a monster. At that point he opted to hide in the hall with my pillow until his sisters told him it was over. His younger sisters, I might add….

Thus ends this week’s episode of Juvenile Lawyers.


P.S. The new lines are up (girls line is soooo much better than the last few; there's a bunch of stuff I want), and Gymbucks earnings are back. Hurray and hurray! Also, I will be going through my inbox tomorrow, so if you have an email out to me I appreciate your patience. :)

Ask the Expert

By: Teresa Sprinkle, Contributing Editor ~ This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
Check out Teresa's auctions at eBay ID Sweetdreamsnthings

OUTLETS: The new lines at the outlets are Primrose for the girls (followed by Mix n’ Match in a few weeks!), Jr. Varsity for the boys, and Creatures Great & Small for the layette. For those of you who missed it the first time around, the Primrose puppy backpack will be available once again…Yeah!!! Also available will be the doggie sweater vest and velour hoodie sets in both pink & brown.

Great NEWS!!! Outlets can now take phone orders! This is fabulous news for those who don’t have an outlet within a reasonable driving distance.

Gymboree is on a mission to open an outlet in every major city in the U.S. Here’s a partial list of the outlets still to open in 2007…

~ Orlando, FL ~ Now Open!

~ Troutdale, OR ~ Opens Fall 2007

~ Leesburg, VA ~ Leesburg Corner Premium Outlets ~ Opens Fall 2007

~ Smithfield, NC ~ Carolina Premium Outlets ~ Opens September 2007

~ Central Valley, NY ~ Woodbury Common Premium Outlets ~ Now Open!


  • School Girls Rock, Royal Gardens, Varsity Football (Baby Boy Only), Teenie Weenie Puppies, Does Your Garden Grow, Camp Scout, Race Days, & Dinosaur Discovery (Kid Boy Only) ~ 20% off
  • Bon Voyage, Dinosaur Discovery (Baby Boy Only), Botanical Babies & Jungle Gym ~ 40% off
  • Everything older is 60% off or more!

ANNOUNCEMENT: The first Crazy8 store has opened in Daly City, CA. Check out their website at The website is still under construction but you can sign up for future email updates.

The first Crazy 8 store in now open in Daly City, CA! The clothes seem to have the same Gymbo quality, just not the matchy-matchy cuteness that we have all come to love from Gymbo. It truly is more like Old Navy, put priced a little higher. Here’s the current list of Crazy8 stores set to open in the next couple of months.

Serramonte Center - Daly City, CA - Now Open!

Main Place Mall - Santa Ana, CA - Opening August!

Plaza Bonita - National City, CA - Opening August!

Southland Mall - Hayward, CA - Opening September!

Lakewood Center - Lakewood, CA - Opening October

New Jersey
Livingston Mall - Livingston, NJ - Opening September!
Rockaway Town Square - Rockaway, NJ - Opening September!

New York
Staten Island Mall - Staten Island, NY - Opening August!

Memorial City Mall - Houston, TX - Opening September 13th!

In an effort to expand their customer base, Gymboree is introducing a new tween/teen store called “Twirl”. The first one is due to open up in Houston, TX this fall with 6 more stores to follow before the end of the year!

ANOTHER ANNOUNCEMENT: Gymboree is looking for feedback. If you have something to say, go to . Not only will your thoughts be heard, but you will also be entered into a monthly drawing for a $500 Gymbo gift card!

***NOTE*** Gymboree is really listening to the comments made on this website. I tested it out by sending a positive email regarding the fabulous customer service at one of my local Gymbos and guess what? The email was printed out and sent to the store…kudos to those employees! They were so excited (and knew it was from me because corporate left my name on the email!).

SHIPPING SPECIAL: $5.95 flat rate shipping special on any size order. Hopefully it will last forever!!!


  • Circle of Friends Sale (Sept. 13th – Sept. 16th) ~ 30% off of your entire purchase! Both new and sale items are included in this wonderful sale. COF coupons will be distributed August 30th – September 13th in stores. They have a generic code on them that we will post in the newsletter.

  • Teacher Picks (Now through Sept. 3rd) ~ For the girls it’s double sleeve tops for $15 and corduroy skirts for $20. For the boys it’s $10 graphic tees and $15 active pants.

  • Labor Day Sale (Labor Day Weekend) ~ No definite details yet, but last year it was an additional 20% off of all sale items.

  • Baby Sale (Sept. 5th – Sept. 13th) ~ This is a fabulous sale that only happens twice a year. The last one was in February and just about everyone was able to use the Plum coupon in conjunction with the sale prices. During the Baby Sale, just about all of the newborn & baby girl items are either $10 or $20! This means that there are some items from new lines that will be half price. Then, when you add the 20% off from the Plum coupon the savings really add up!

  • Gymbuck Earnings (Aug. 23rd – Sept. 30th) ~ It’s that time again and there are TONS of fabulous sales coming up to earn those Gymbucks! Earn $25 in Gymbucks for every $50 you spend.

  • Gymbuck Redemption (Oct. 4th – Oct. 14th) ~ Get $25 off of a $50 purchase.

  • Super Accessories Sale (Aug. 20th – Sept. 16th) ~ Printed socks & camis are 3 for $10 and solid colored socks are 5 for $12. Panties/undies are 5 for $15 & boys boxer briefs are 3 for $20. Tights are 2 for $15 for prints or 3 for $15 for solids.

  • Plum Magazine 20% off Coupon (Expires November 20th) ~ There’s another Plum coupon out and this one’s good until November! I think the people over at Plum realized that their magazine sales skyrocketed with the Gymbo coupon. I just wonder if they realize that no one is really reading the magazine, just purchasing it for that fabulous 20% off coupon??? You can still purchase them at, but I’m hearing that it’s cheaper at some book stores.

  • You & Your Family Magazine 20% off Coupon (Expires Jan. 2008) ~ There’s a new 20% off coupon in this magazine. You can pick one up at your local Ob/Gyn’s office!

NEW LINES (Online Now):

NOTE*** The Halloween costumes are online NOW, but they won’t be in-stores until August 26th.

Girls: “Harvest Leaves” ~ Deep red, orange, olive green, burgundy, & brown with flowers, hearts, & owls. There is a pair of dark red suede clogs, a pair of brown t-strapped shoes with three little flowers on the top. There’s an owl crocheted change purse as well as a necklace with an owl watch. There’s a burgundy sweater dress that’s very pretty, lots of corduroy skorts, a pretty olive green short-sleeve velour dress, and much more.

Boys: “Mr. Fix-It” ~ Just like it sounds, this line is all about tools in blue, red, & yellow. There are tons of double layer tees, cargo pants, and a really cute tee that says “Mr. Fix-it” on it!

Boys: “Pirate Cove” ~ A very small capsule line with double layer pirate tees, dark jeans, and a skull & crossbones hat.

Newborn: “Dog Days” ~ Furry sheepdog outfits in pink, cream, & brown. Very soft and cuddly!!!

UPCOMING LINES: (Debuts Sept. 3rd)

I found these pics while sku hunting for the new line. It looks like the next girls line is going to be pink argyle & Scotty dogs. Kind of a “My Best Friend” meets “Mix n’ Match” type line! Looks promising!!!

For all of you who are eagerly waiting for the holiday line, I have heard that it will be out shortly after Labor Day.

Ask the Expert

By: Heather Kissel, Contributing Editor ~ This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
Check out Heather's auctions at eBay ID MyLinePix and her Gymboree Auction Photos website at


I read with interest your reply last week regarding how Chelsea Girl sells since it actually is MY personal favorite line. I guess I was surprised that it has been only a so-so seller. So, what are 3-4 of the best selling girls lines in terms of high sale prices from the recent (say since 2003) past?


From Heather:

In my experience, Leapin' Lily Pads, Cute as a Button, Panda Club, Spring Fun, Freshly Picked, and Cherry Pie are ones that come to mind. There are always certain pieces from certain lines that do well all the time and most lines fare very well. Each line has its heyday though, so I would expect Chelsea Girl to peak in September.

From Julie:

Thanks for your question. It actually made me really curious to see what the best selling lines have been. It took some figuring, but I pulled together the data on how many auctions there have been from each line since I started tracking Gymboree NWT auctions in May of 2004. It appears that the best selling line has been Sunflower Fields, which would include sales both the 2004 and 2007 lines. The next best sellers in terms of number of auctions are 2-Dandelion Wishes, 3-Wildflower Fields, 4-Pajamas, 5-Mod Zebra, 6-Pool Party, 7-Spring Fun, 8-Chelsea Girl, 9-City Sidewalk and 10-Winter Princess.

Most lines have the highest number of auctions on eBay the year after they debut in the stores. In particular for Chelsea Girl, it had high auction volume in 2006. By contrast, it 5 times as many more auctions in 2006 than it has so far this year in 2007. However, we still have several more weeks of prime fall selling on eBay.


Julie, one point of clarification on your response please: Are these the lines with the most auctions or the most successfully completed auctions? (ie the product was actually sold?). Maybe an idea for a chart another week would be the least successful lines (or maybe we don't want to go there :) )

As long as I have you both, can I get your informed opinion on this question too? I have just recently sold a few items for the first time and a couple times, people have contacted me and asked if I would do a "buy it now". Do you have a general view on this? good idea, bad idea? Do you ask them to say what price they would be willing to pay or just put a number out there that is above what you were hoping to get and see what happens?


From Julie:

The numbers I provided include only completed auctions, and starting in May of 2005 do not include BIN auctions. (At this point, eBay changed how they reported BIN auctions and there is not a way for me to determine which auctions sold and which did not without looking at each auction's detailed page.)

I've actually done a chart on the least popular lines, which showed the lines that had the fewest completed auctions on eBay. However, I haven't done this chart since April 2006, which showed the data for all of 2005. I will try and update this chart for a future report. Thanks for the idea!

Heather has much more selling expertise than I do, but if asked to add a BIN I usually do. I'll research what item has sold for in the Completed Items section and price the BIN usually equal or just slightly less than the top prices depending on how popular the item is. Sometimes I will have buyers take the BIN and sometimes they will go ahead and bid to take my BIN option off, but I think either option is a plus for me as a seller.

I was rereading over your question and realized you were asking about the lines with the highest prices rather than highest number of auctions. This is actually harder to determine. I've only been tracking the average auction price by line since July of 2006. I would probably need to delve into the data further, but on first blush these are the results I tallied: 1-Flower Blossom, 2-Giraffe Club, 3-Cherry Pie, 4-Bon Voyage (includes both 2002 & 2007 lines), 5-Mod Zebra, 6-Dress Up, 7-Prim and Proper, 8-Wild West, 9-Mix N' Match and 10-Cute As A Button. In particular to Chelsea Girl, it ranked 92nd out of 379 lines in terms of selling prices. So it seems that although Chelsea Girl has been a popular seller, it has not sold at the top dollar that some other lines have.

From Heather:

A lot of "ifs" with requested BINs:

I sometimes offer BINs when asked. If I know the item is a very popular item, I usually decline any requests and watch to see how high the auction will go. Sometimes people will hope you don't know how 'valuable' the item is and ask for a BIN so they will get the item at a low price. If I get a request with no price indicated, I usually ask them what price they are hoping for and go from there. If they state they have no idea, and you still want to offer a BIN, research your item to see what the average ending price has been. If there are no others, come up with the lowest price you are willing to sell it for, and then add a few bucks.



Thanks for the article - I wondered what was going on with all the weird emails saying they were questions from ebay members. The info on my fake buyer said they were from Austria and now they are no longer a registered user. I noticed that many sellers won’t ship overseas and I wondered why since a fair portion of my store sales go to Europe, Japan and Australia. Now I know at least one of the pitfalls.


In my experience, there are two big reasons many sellers don't ship overseas. One is because they just don't know how, and the other is because you are not protected from PayPal chargebacks if they encounter a less than scrupulous buyer.

Hot Sellers List

By: Julie Rasco, Contributing Editor ~ This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it '; document.write( '' ); document.write( addy_text21629 ); document.write( '<\/a>' ); //-->\n This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
Check out Julie's eBay auctions at

The Hot Sellers List is provided the first, fourth and seventh day that a new line debuts on There are three parts of the report: items not available, sizes not available and line notes (provided in Day 1 report only). By comparing the reports, you can get a feel for the items that are selling out or have sizes that are selling out. You can use this information to aid you in your reselling efforts or just to be first in the know on which items are "hot" each season.

DAY FOUR (as of Thursday, August 9, 2007 8:45 p.m. CST)

Items Not Available are items that are part of a new line but are currently not available for purchase on They may be planned for introduction later than the other pieces of the line, they may be out of stock but will be replenished later, or have sold out. Any of these reasons could make these items attractive for resell.

HALLOWEEN - Baby Girl, Kid Girl, Baby Boy & Kid Boy
BB Pirate Costume $34.50
BB Tiger Costume $29.50
BB Giraffe Costume $29.50

Sizes that are part of a new line but are not currently available for purchase from

HALLOWEEN - Sizes 3-6 months to 12 years
Kid Girl Witch Shoe: 4

*Changes from last report


DAY SEVEN (as of Sunday, August 12, 2007 9:15 a.m. CST)


Items Not Available are items that are part of a new line but are currently not available for purchase on They may be planned for introduction later than the other pieces of the line, they may be out of stock but will be replenished later, or have sold out. Any of these reasons could make these items attractive for resell.

HALLOWEEN - Baby Girl, Kid Girl, Baby Boy & Kid Boy
All items available*

Sizes that are part of a new line but are not currently available for purchase from

HALLOWEEN - Sizes 3-6 months to 12 years
Kid Girl Witch Shoe: 4

*Changes from last report


DAY ONE (as of Tuesday, August 21, 2007 11:15 p.m. CST)


Items Not Available are items that are part of a new line but are currently not available for purchase on They may be planned for introduction later than the other pieces of the line, they may be out of stock but will be replenished later, or have sold out. Any of these reasons could make these items attractive for resell.

DOG DAYS - Newborn Girl & Newborn Boy
All items available

HARVEST LEAVES - Baby Girl & Kid Girl
White Cami $7.50
Leaf Tee $16.50
Flower Tee $16.50

MR. FIX-IT - Baby Boy & Kid Boy
Undershirt Two-Pack $15.00

Sizes that are part of a new line but are not currently available for purchase from

DOG DAYS - Sizes 0-3 to 18-24 months
All sizes available

HARVEST LEAVES - Sizes 3-6 months to 12 years
Black Ruched Tee: 3-6
Ivory Bow Sock: 2T-3T
White Bow Sock: 12-24, 2T-3T
Basic Sock - White: 24-3T, S, M-L, XL-XXL
Basic Sock - Khaki: 24-3T, S, M-L, XL-XXL
Basic Sock - Bark Steel Heather: M-L, XL-XXL
Stripe Sock: 8 & up
White Knee Sock: 5-7, 8 & up
Navy Knee Sock: 5-7, 8 & up

MR. FIX-IT - Sizes 3-6 months to 10 years
Mr. Fix-it Vest: 5T
Mr. Fix-it Double-Sleeve Bodysuit: 3T
Basic Sock - White: 24-3T, S, M-L, XL-XXL
Basic Sock - Khaki: 24-3T, S, M-L, XL-XXL
Basic Sock - Bark Steel Heather: M-L, XL-XXL
White 3-Pack Sport Sock: 0-6, 6-12, 3-4, 8-10
Navy 3-Pack Sport Sock: 0-6, 6-12, 5-7, 8-10


Harvest Bow Clog: not available in sizes 01 & 02
T-Strap Maryjane: not available in sizes 01 & 02
All Basic Tights: not available in sizes 4T, 5T & 12
All Basic & Bow Socks: not available in sizes 4T & 5T, and sizes 10 & 12
Halloween Pumpkin Sock: not available in sizes 4T & 5T
All Overalls/One Pieces: not available in sizes 4T & 5T
Hooded Capelet: not available in size 3-6m
Halloween Pumpkin Tights: not available in 4T & 5T
Toggle Coat: not available in size 3-6m
All Panties & Camis: not available in size 12
All Onesies/Bodysuits: not available in sizes 4T & 5T
All Slim/Plus Items: not available in 12 slim
Ribbon Bootcut Jean: available in slim and plus sizes
Harvest Flower Flare Jean: available in slim and plus sizes

Mr. Fix-it Vest: not available in size 3-6m
Trail Sneaker: not available in sizes 01 & 02
All Overalls/One Pieces: not available in sizes 4T & 5T
All Onesies/Bodysuits: not available in sizes 4T & 5T
All Basic Socks: not available in sizes 4T & 5T
Undershirt Two-Pack: not available in size 10
Grey Cargo Pant: available in slim and husky sizes
Denim Cargo Pant: available in slim and husky sizes
Khaki Carpenter Pant: available in slim and husky sizes
Navy Carpenter Pant: available in slim and husky sizes

NWT Gymboree on eBay


By: Julie Rasco, Contributing Editor ~ This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it '; document.write( '' ); document.write( addy_text77905 ); document.write( '<\/a>' ); //-->\n This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
Check out Julie's eBay auctions at

Don't forget to email Julie if you have an auction on the top ten single item auction list. In your e-mail be sure to include which auction was yours, what merchandise you typically sell or currently have listed, any discounts you might be running and a link to your auctions. Our next featured seller could be you!

AUGUST 11-17, 2007 REPORT

It is still prime selling season with the number of auctions up 9% this week and the volume the same as we were seeing this same time last year. The average auction price is steady from where it was last week but was down 6% over this same time last year. Now is still a good time to sell any back-to-school or fall items that you have.


The highest selling single item auction this week was for a pair of Imaginary Friends houndstooth tights that sold for $100. That's the highest I have ever seen tights sell for and the winning bidder had zero feedback so I'm not sure how accurate it is. As expected, there were several coats on the list. A Folk Song 4-in-1 coat sold for $53 and four Autumn Highland 4-in-1 coats sold for $41-$45. A boy's Snow Days 3-in-1 coat made the list selling for $41.

Rounding out the list were an Imaginary Friends panda dress that sold for $43, Giraffe Club pants for $43 and Teacher's Pet brown boots for $41.

Start Price
Final Price
7 (tie)
7 (tie)
7 (tie)
7 (tie)

TOP SELLING BOY LINES TO-DATE 2007 (not including BIN auctions)

Last week we looked at the top selling lines to date for 2007. The list was made up of all girl lines. I thought this week we would explore that further and look at the top selling boy lines of the year. The best selling line was Dive Shop followed by Island Excursion. Of the top 20 selling lines, 13 were baby boy and kid boy lines and 7 were newborn boy lines; and, 1 was from 2005, 15 from 2006 and 3 from 2007.

TOP SELLERS (not including BIN auctions)

Park City Luxe was again the line with the most auctions on eBay for the week. It was followed by 2-Peruvian Doll, 3-Imaginary Friends, 4-Snow Blossom, 5-Pretty in Plums, 6-Primrose, 7-Autumn Highlands, 8-Cherry Pie, 9-Mix N' Match and 10-Wish You Were Here.

In terms of the average auction price, the top selling lines were 1-How Does Your Garden Grow?, 2-Prim and Proper, 3-Fifth Fleet, 4-Equestrian Club, 5-Sweet Chic, 6-Teenie Weenie Puppies, 7-Panda Club, 8-Firehouse No. 5, 9-Schoolgirls Rock and 10-Royal Gardens.

Auctions highlights of the top selling lines included Park City Luxe boots that sold for $39, a pink coat for $35 and a brown coat for $32; a Peruvian Doll top, skirt and necklace for $46, a top and leggings for $41 and a shearling coat for $31; an Imaginary Friends top and jeans for $43 and a houndstooth jacket for $35; a Snow Blossom sweater, pants and socks for $45; Pretty In Plums boots for $33; a Primrose dress, sweater and hair clips for $50; an Autumn Highlands sweater, top, skirt and tights for $58 and boots for $35; Cherry Pie red shoes for $37, a red dress for $34 and navy shoes for a $31; a Mix N' Match sweater, top, socks and jeans for $73, a top and jumper for $45 and a sweater for $30; a Wish You Were Here romper for $33; and a Prim and Proper coat for $41 and a boy's suit jacket, pants and shirt for $67.

The line with the most variety auction highlights this week was Equestrian Club. The individual items with the most auction highlights included the Autumn Highland 4-in-1 coat, the Cherry Pie red Mary Jane shoes, the Equestrian Club brown boots, and the Schoolgirls Rock stripe puff sleeve top, heart and crossbones jeans and red sweater jumper.

HALLOWEEN AUCTIONS (not including BIN auctions)

Top Halloween auctions for the week included a cowgirl costume and hat that sold for $49, a bumble bee costume and wings for $42 and a cowboy costume and hat for $41.

NEW LINES (not including BIN auctions)

The new Equestrian Club line has been selling well on eBay and was the line with the most variety of auction highlights for the week. Top auctions included a tan jacket, purse, sweater dress, boots and hair clips that sold for $74; a horse top, blue jacket and pants for $56; a tan jacket, jeans and clothes horse top for $51; a brown jacket, jeans and top for $51; a green dress, shoes and tights for $47; a green dress for $36; boots for $31 and a floral dress for $30. In Schoolgirls Rock, a puff sleeve top, heart jeans and sweater jumper sold for $56 and a plaid top, long sleeve top and star jeans for $55. In Royal Gardens, a purple sweater, skirt and tiara top sold for $49. In Bon Voyage, a denim jacket, jeans, purse and top sold for $50. In the boy's Varsity Football line, khaki pants, jeans and two tops sold for $50.

AUCTION HIGHLIGHTS (not including BIN auctions)

Other girl auctions of interest this week included a City Sidewalk top, leggings and pants that sold for $48; a Fox Trot jacket for $33; a Giraffe Club jacket, pants, sweater and mittens for $53, a jumper and onesie for $46, a cardigan and turtleneck for $42 and a jacket for $31; a Good Old Days blanket, socks and one piece for $48; a Hide and Seek shearling coat for $38; a Le Belle Epoque rose shrug for $31 and a top and leggings for $42; a Mod Zebra trench coat, purse and hat for $58; and Winter Princess boots for $31.

Other top boy auctions included a Chilly Walrus top and pants set that sold for $33; a Fly Boys coat for $36; an Old Town Harbor sweater for $30; a Salt Washed top, pants, hoodie and hat for $52 and a Stunt Pilot coat for $37.

You can view the full Gymboree NWT eBay Auction Report under the News category on the GNGC website. There you can find auction details on over 370 different Gymboree lines. If you have any questions or comments, please drop me a line at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it . Happy Selling!


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